NOTA Effector is a new effector for MoGraph. Usually, in Motion Graphics, we need to animate a lot of objects, MoGraph is made for this reason, and NOTA Effector is extremely faster to test and create complex animations in few seconds without having to touch every key-frames simply by setting the start point and the end point of the animation and all in real-time.

NOTA Effector being a standard Module can be used with all MoGraph tools as PolyFX, Fracture, Cloner and similar. All clones managed by MoGraph can be controlled by NOTA Effector and all effectors of MoGraph can be used with NOTA Effector, included Dynamics. All effector parameters, as curves, can be customized while the animation runs.

The ultimate goal of NOTA Effector, at the end of the animation, is to return the objects to the starting position, animating each entity included in the clone fixing a duration time and a step. All clones have a living time, that is the time while they are moving.

All curves inside NOTA Effector go from the start reference to the end position of each clone so will be easier to change completely the animation and you do it with a few clicks. From the beginning to the end of the animation, each entity can be controlled in the rotation, positioning and scale by using some effects as Offset, Random, Spline, Oscillator, Sort and kerning. Also you can change the internal MoGraph Colors for all entities managed by MoGraph.



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